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When you use our website, or when accessed through any the associated domain or product brand names, receive services or products from, or correspond or communicate with UK Technical Applications Ltd, we treat your information and data with respect and care. This notice provides you with our Privacy Policy that explains your rights and how you can access and control how we use your data.

  • How do AirDrate rehydrating earplugs work?
    The following video shows how the AirDrate rehydrating earplugs work. ​ For further technical assistance you can contact AirDrate Customer Care at AirDrate rehydrating earplugs video
  • Storage of Airdrate rehydrating earplugs
    Store in a cool dry place. Ensure that the removable seal and blister pack is protected from damage and is not punctured. If the seal is broken, damaged or removed at any time before you are ready to place the earplugs in to your ear, the product may not alleviate your ear pain.
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