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Our organisation is divided into three distinct divisions of operation:

Aeronautical Division

  • Aeronautical Engineering and Management Consultancy.

  • Provision of resource for contract avionics engineering services and post holder responsibilities

  • General aviation aircraft acquisition, operation and crew selection

  • AOC & New Organisation set up and CAA approval support service 

Electronic Security Division

  • Electronic Security Systems Engineering and Management Consultancy

  • Provision of Senior Management Support Services to NSI Accredited Electronic Security Systems Organisations

  • Integrated  Electronic Security Systems Installation and Management services

Research & Development Division

  • Viability assessment of innovative ideas, concepts, new technology and inventions

  • New start product / business consultancy 

  • Development of creative ideas into products

  • New product sales and marketing

  • Grants and funding research and application

UK Technical Applications Ltd is a team of engineering, aeronautical, marketing and management specialists supplying consultancy, management and engineering support services to the Aeronautical and Electronic Security Industries, who also develop and take new Innovative Ideas and products to market.

We are a family business based in the UK. From originally providing sub-contract Avionics Engineering Services, specialising in Corporate Jet, Police and Air Ambulance helicopters, UKTA has expanded to include Aeronautical and Electronic Security Consultancy, aircraft operations and Research & Development activities to exploit technological innovation. 


With our unique blend of skill sets, diversity and extensive experience, we are also well positioned to be able advise and assist your organisation with technical, project or business direction, and support you in achieving your goals and objectives.

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