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  • AOC Operators, Flying Schools, Private Owners and Individuals

  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMO) | AOC Integral & Standalone | Part CA(M)O 

  • Aircraft Operators with an Air Operator Certificate (AOC / Licensed Air Carriers)

  • Maintenance Organisations (Part 145 and at M Subpart F)

  • EASA Part 21 Sub Part G Manufacturing Organisations

  • EASA Part 21 Sub Part J Design Organisations


AOC, Airworthiness and Aeronautical Engineering Consultancy
"Part M, Part 21, Part 145 and ANO Legislation, Compliance, Procedures & Certification specialists"

  • "One Stop" Part M Subpart G (MG) to Part-CAMO Transition - Fixed Fee Implementation Plans and Manuals

  • "One Stop" Part M subpart F (MF) to Part CAO Transition - Fixed Fee Implementation Plans and Manuals

  • A "One Stop Fast track", New Startup AOC, Part-CAO, Part-CAMO, Part-145 Maintenance Organisation, Design or Manufacturing Organisation a fixed price application for approval & set up package and manuals

  • Airworthiness Auditing

  • Organisation Quality Review

  • EASA Compliance, Quality Assurance and Safety Systems

  • CAA Level 1 Findings or Approval Suspension Emergency Recovery service

  • CAA Findings Root Cause Analysis service and training

  • Assistance for Part CA(M)O.A305 Form 4 application - Task and training needs analysis, man hour plan  specialists

  • Strategy and implementation of organisation restructure including Management of Change Plan, Risk Assessment Project coordination and CAA liaison

  • Aircraft Owner Airworthiness agreements.

  • Subcontracted Airworthiness Tasks agreements to satisfy the requirements of EASA Part M, CAMO, CAO

  • Airworthiness Maintenance Contractor agreements to satisfy the requirements of EASA Part M & CAMO

  • Aeronautical Engineering: Design, Installation and Maintenance

  • Part M, Part 21, Part 145 and ANO Legislation, Compliance, Procedures & Certification specialists

  • Flight Testing - maintenance & Airworthiness check flights and Flight Test Plans

  • Training courses suitable for CAMO Continuation & Staff Training

  • Flight Operations: Aircraft selection, acquisition and importation

Aeronautical Management Resource:

Nominated Post Holder Services (EASA Form 4 Holder):

Maintenance and Airworthiness Agreement Service to support or supplement your Organisation

  • Compliance Monitoring Manager

  • Continuing Airworthiness Manager

  • Airworthiness Auditor

  • Safety Manager

  • Airworthiness Review signatory

Exposition Authoring and Amendment Services:


  • Part M Subpart G / Part CAMO - Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME) & ISO 9001 Procedures

  • Part 145 – Maintenance Organisation Exposition (MOE) & ISO 9001 Procedures

  • Part CAO - Exposition and ISO 9001 Procedures

EASA Part 66 Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Aircraft Certification Services (specialising in avionics):

Available to aircraft owners and Part 66 contract resource to Part 145 maintenance organisations. 


  • EASA Part 66 B1/B2 & C Certification

  • UK CAA Cat R & X for Annexe II Certification

  • Type Ratings held in the majority of single/multi piston and gas turbine/turbo prop aircraft (fixed wing and rotorcraft) below 5700 kg

  • Type ratings include a range of Corporate - Jets inc. aircraft above 5700kg

  • Inspection and Certification Services

  • Defect Diagnostics / Rectification / Schedule Inspections / AD & SB Inspections/ Modifications

  • Leading European specialists in MD 900 series rotorcraft

  • Systems Engineering Experience in Autopilot & Flight Directors/ Rotorcraft Stability Augmentation Systems (SAS) /Compass systems / VHF & HF Comms and Nav / Radar / GPS / TCAS / Electrical / Instruments / Auto- throttle and Landing systems

  • Extensive experience in the latest specialist mission equipment including Electrical/ Audio/ Comms and Surveillance systems

  • Manufacturers: Honeywell, Collins, Garmin, Skyforce, NAT, Skyquest, FLIR, Avalex, Westcam, Euronav, Sepura, Motorola, Chelton

Subcontract EASA System Certification Verification Engineer (CVE) Service


Subcontract Part 21 Subpart G Systems Inspection Service


Subcontract Aeronautical Engineering & Avionic Systems Installation


Subcontract Aeronautical Inspection, Reports, Defect Diagnosis & Rectification Services

Flight Test Schedule Authoring Services

Flight Test Engineer Services

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