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AirDrate - Rehydrating Ear Plugs to alleviate in flight ear pain

34% of adults suffer and 64% of children aircraft passengers travelling on commercial flights suffer inflight ear pain which they have dubbed ‘Airplane Ear’ (Now a registered Trade Mark of UKTA).

The UK Technical Applications team has designed and developed a patented solution to alleviate the discomfort by rehydrating the eardrum with an innovative earplug.

Project "Helitrack" 

Innovative Helicopter Blade Track & Balance Technology

Vibration causes mechanical damage to mechanical parts. Severe vibration due to sudden failure of a mechanical part in a helicopter can result in a catastrophic outcome.


The UK Technical Applications team has collaborated with a partner that has produced a innovated electronic system to detect vibration and analyse the corrections require in way that current equipment on the market can not.

We continue to work with Exact Group to take the "Helitrack" product to market.

Project "Over speed" 

Single Piston Engine Helicopter Over speed on engine start protection system

(Patent Protected)

With some single piston engine driven light helicopters, research conducted by UK Technical Applications Ltd found that it is very easy to mismanage the start sequence of these aircraft, where a rapid increase of engine RPM can cause the engine rpm to exceed the maximum engine rpm allowed by the engine manufacturer. This is known as an "Engine Over Speed". Exceeding an engine limitation is likely to cause undetected engine damage that has and can, without warning, cause the engine to fail prematurely. Sudden engine failure in single piston engine helicopter can result in a catastrophic outcome.


The UK Technical Applications team has conducted both technical and market research in to the phenomenon, designed and developed a patented solution to prevent piston engine over speeds in small single piston engine helicopters. Certification, production and sales are currently scheduled for 2019 / 2020

Project "Too Far" 

Runway Incursion

There is currently an alarming trend of increase in numbers of occurrences of more than one aircraft or aircraft and vehicles found to be on the runway at the same time during the Take Off or Landing phase of an aircraft. Such an incident is called a 'Runway Incursion'.


Some of these 'Runway Incursions' have previously resulted in catastrophic and devastating outcomes.             

27th March 1977

Runway collision at Los Rodeos Airport (now Tenerife-North Airport) Tenerife Canary Islands 

Total Fatalities: 583

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) say....

"Analyisis of UK and worldwide data has identified runway incursion and excursion as significant issues to UK aviation"

European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) reported in a recent safety publication that across Europe, there is currently "2 Runway Incursion incidents occurring every day".

Other attempted solutions to date have not been able to resolve occurrences of 'Runway Incursions'. 


In collaboration with one of our partners, the UK Technical Applications Research & Development team are working with the UK CAA and have conducted technical research in to the phenomenon, and are actively developing a solution to

'Runway Incursions'.

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